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KS Handmade is a labor of love. The carefully hand-crafted designs that Keisha Schermerhorn makes today, are a product of a lifetime of creating and building. After her son Rykar was born, Keisha wanted a way to stay home at home with him as much as possible. So, she started making ornaments during the holidays to earn extra money. Once people realized she had an eye for creativity and the skill to make ideas come to life, they began to ask for unique works. Her business has since grown into a fantastic mix of custom home decor, interior design, furniture re-purposing, DIY workshops, and now, laser engraved art and jewelry. Each of her signs are filled with her creative talents and love for building something new, beautiful, inviting,and memorable.
As Keisha’s creativity continued to expand, she added Do-It-Yourself Workshops to her offerings. These personal, fun, and step by step workshops are available to anyone who desires to create their own works of art with help from Keisha herself. She wants you to not only experience the satisfaction of making something with your own hands, but also to create a lasting memory that will hang in your home or office for years to come!
Search the wide range of sign collections or book a date for one of Keisha’s upcoming workshops. Come join us! Let’s build something together!
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